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Serbia and Macedonia no reviews

Belgrade Skopje and Ohrid are cities with hundreds of years of history and offers a variety of interesting sights to visit – fortresses, churches, museums, football stadiums, river cruise, mausoleums, theaters and much more.

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“BEAUTIFUL” Balkan no reviews

This is the place, where Europe meets the Orient, where Christians and Muslims have lived together for centuries, where old traditions coexist with the rhythm of XXI century. Now, when the wars are left in the past, we can now only enjoy the beautiful features of the sunny face of the Balkans

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“Heart of Balkan” no reviews

Visiting the states of Serbia, Macedonia and Greece which represent a “Heart of Balkan” – we will visit the cities: Belgrade – Zlatibor – Pristina – Skopje – Ohrid – Bitola – Thessaloniki – Vergina

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“Classical Balkan tour” no reviews

Discover the charms of the Balkans. This tour will give you an insight into the people, history and culture of these countries that share much but with distinct local characteristics, making this tour a fascinating exploration of a region still seen by few outsiders.