3 day wine tour Macedonia

Day 1: Arrive in Skopje – Visit the archaeological locality Stobi in the Tikves region. Here you will discover the ruins near the settlement of Stobi, suggesting the existence of grape growing and wine production in the country even before the Roman times. The most famous members of the Macedonian royal family were known as strong consumers of Macedonian wine. After visiting the city of Stobi you will visit Stobi winery for a tasting of different wines and lunch. After short break, visitng the Popova Kula winery for a delicious dinner and wine tasting. This winery is well known for producing the variety Stanushina. Spend the night at the Popova Kula hotel for a unique experience. Enjoy the distinct suites and rooms, each carefully named after, and decorated in the colors of the wine type they represent.

Day 2: After breakfast, you will visit the wine museum in Demir Kapija. Next, enjoy a wine tasting and lunch at Elenov winery, a royal winery build by king Aleksandar Karadjordjevic, the last ruler in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. After that visiting the winery Bovin in Negotino – tasting a wine with relaxing dinner. After diner go to Kavadarci. Accommodation in hotel. Overnight.

Day 3: After breakfast and checkout, visiting the center of the wine production in the Tikvesh region, most famous in the Balkans – Tikves Winery. Enjoy a tour of the winemaking process at the Tikvesh winery and a wine tasting of premium wines in the wine cellar and have a lunch. For dinner visiting the Winery in Skopje – Skovin winery. Dinner and accommdoation in hotel.

Day 4: Ready for leaving Macedonia…..

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