Skopje Prespa Brajcino Tour

Visit the most famous Brajcino eco-village, located on the slopes of Mount Baba in the Prespa region. Visit the church St. George in Kurbinovo which is one of the best achievements of Byzantine art. The path leads around Prespa Lake, second largest lake in Macedonia, beside the orchards of apples. This region is one of the biggest apple growing regions in the Balkans. Possibility for short stop to buy and to try the famous Resen apple  – if the season permits it. Next, visit the church of St. Georgia – in the village Kurbinovo. The church is unimpressive by its outer appearance but impressive by its playful baroque fresco painting in the interior. Convulsed, dynamic, elongated figures show a different side of a new perception of art. Departure to Brajcino village with authentic beauty, untouched nature, saved old architecture that lives in accordance with modern buildings. Possibility of organized  lunch in one of the restaurants in the village and the opportunity to tast pie with vegetables, the burnet-rose, pans, beans, turlitavi, roasted carp, trout. Guests have the opportunity to pick up fresh vegetables and fruits by themselves.

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