Skopje Struga Vevchani Tour

The sightseeing includes walk through the narrow streets of Struga, visiting the Bridge of Poetry, and introducing the work of Miladinovci brothers (by the poem of Konstantin Miladinov “Sorrow for South” – one of the best red wines of Macedonia got its name). The tour continues in the village of Kalista, visiting the cave church and the monastery of the Holly Mother of Kalista.

The tour continues to Vevchani, mountain village just 15 km from Struga. Good opportunity to taste some of the traditional dishes, popular wines and hear old Macedonian music. National specialties and home-made wines can be consumed. After lunch we will visit the beautiful Vevchani sources, located near the village. The Vevcani Carnival, which claims a 14 century long legacy, is held every year from 13 to 14 January.

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